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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers in Manchester NH

Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers in NHIn 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,615 motorcycle deaths in the United States. New Hampshire is one of the few states that do not require a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet. Did you know that approximately 80% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers? Most accidents result in serious injury or death.

A motorcycle accident can dramatically change your life forever, not only for you but your family and loved ones. Having survived an accident on a motorcycle could result in long term injuries that can affect not only your quality of life and can prevent you from returning to work for months or years or even leave you disabled and unable to work.

If your loved one did not survive then we are deeply sorry for your loss. We probably will never understand what your family and loved ones are going through. Having to deal with the pain and loss can affect your decision making; by contacting us you are doing the right thing. We have settle hundreds of millions of claims for our clients and our attorneys are highly experienced in motorcycle accidents.

What's My Case Worth?

In light of this you also may also be entitled to a large settlement. Attorneys O’Shaughnessy, Walker and Buchholz have settled millions of dollars in settlements. If you have lost a loved one from a motorcycle accident then you should speak to the law office of O’Shaughnessy, Walker and Buchholz right away as this is a time sensitive matter. The consultation is Free and they work on a contingency basis.

Your accident may have been caused by poor road conditions, improperly marked road hazard signs, negligent automobile drivers, maybe defective part on your motorcycle or the other vehicle involved. The truth is we really don't know until you speak with an attorney and a full investigation is conducted.

Benefits of Hiring an NH Accident Lawyer

When it comes time to protect your rights the best decision you can make is finding an attorney that has the experience to take you through the process. O’Shaughnessy, Walker & Buchholz, P.A. know the accident laws in NH and will use information from the police reports, witnesses, investigators and facts that you provide to them about the accident to build a strong case. It is important to give all of the details to the attorney so that they are able to better strategize a plan for your case. You may be asked to provide documentation regarding your condition and the accident itself.

NH Motorcycle Accident Law Attorneys

Understanding how the laws of New Hampshire affect a motorcycle accident case is an important component to getting the results you are looking for. Walker & Buchholz, P.A. are prepared to handle your case whether it settles or goes to trial. They will put together a strategy to help them prepare you for any upcoming court dates. Additionally, they will work with you to prepare for potential depositions where you will need to answer questions about the accident. The process can be challenging and having someone in your corner can help you manage what comes.

While no attorney can tell you what the future might hold, Walker & Buchholz, P.A. have the background and knowledge to be prepared for the road blocks that might lie ahead. It is important that the attorney is able to switch gears and change strategies as the situations changes. Motorcycle accidents can do great physical damage to the driver of the motorcycle. Motorcycles can be difficult for other vehicle drivers to see. New Hampshire does not have a requirement for motorcyclists to wear helmets. It is important that your attorney completely understands the local laws.

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